Dr. Rados is an artist, sculptor, engineer and a perfectionist!

I wasn’t lucky enough to be born with a good set of teeth. Over the years I had have numerous major dental procedures including braces, bi-lateral periodontal surgery, and having my top front 10 teeth done in veneers by other Dr’s.

None of these Dr’s were able to completely fix my bite. It has been continuously off since I was a kid causing me to grind my teeth; which over time causes wear which is why I have seen more than my share of dentist/orthodontist/periodontist in my lifetime…not to mention the tens of thousands I have spent.

My previous dentist retired and I found Dr. Rados about 6 years ago. Immediately I knew I found a terrific dentist that really cared about me and her patients. This is clearly evident in her and her staff demeanor every time I visited her office.

She knew that I had a lot of previous dental work done and warned me that because of my bite being off, my teeth were grinding causing a lot of wear on my veneers. The thought have having to spend a lot more money was enough of a deterrent for me to hold off as long as I could…all along knowing that I was going to eventually have to make another large investment.

Well this past summer, I took a nasty fall tripping over a cement parking lot tire stop and landed face first. I ended up in the ER doing some serious damage to my teeth and face. As soon as I was released from the ER, I immediately called Dr. Rados and was told to come to her office that afternoon. After seeing how much damage I did, I had no choice but to make the investment and replace all the veneers with 6 crowns and 4 new veneers. I knew that I would need to invest a lot of time in addition to money to correct the damage.

Dr. Rados made me feel as if I was her #1 priority. She scheduled an entire Friday (her office is normally closed) for me to come in to start the process. There were several visits I needed to make over a 6 to 8 week time frame. Each time I came in, her compassion for me as well as her compassion in perfecting my smile was astonishing. I never felt pain or discomfort throughout the process. She always asked for my opinion and I trusted her guidance in correcting my bite.

Today I have a beautiful natural looking smile! My bite has been corrected and I now wear a custom night guard to protect them. I have seen a lot of Dr’s over the years. Dr Rados is far superior and I’m truly feel blessed that I found her!

She and her staff are the epitome of professional.

Thank you Dr Rados!

Scott L.

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