Oral hygiene tips for better health!

Recent studies continue to demonstrate the relationship between oral health and overall health: poor oral health can affect overall well being and vice-versa! This interrelationship makes maintaining good oral health more important than ever and emphasizes how regular preventive dental care plays a role in overall long term good health.

There are several key components to maintaining good dental health, and incorporating these into your everyday lifestyle can go a long way towards keeping you strong and healthy:

Understand your own oral health and oral health needs: this can be accomplished with regular dental visits where Dr. Rados can make recommendations for good oral hygiene that are personalized and take into account other factors that may be influencing your dental health.

Commit to a daily oral hygiene routine: brushing, flossing and using dental care products that will keep your smile healthy between visits is key to long term oral health. Dr. Rados will often recommend appropriate hygiene products to patients who are having a health issue.

Use fluoride products: this applies to both children AND adults! Fluoride helps keep tooth enamel strong and healthy.

Brush and floss: practicing these daily helps to reduce the development of gum disease and tooth decay.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet with limited sugar: added sugars have caused an increase in both oral and overall health issues for today’a dental patients. Limiting sugar is important for overall good health and will also reduce tooth decay.

Stop the use of tobacco: smoking contributes to halitosis, damaged and stained teeth as well as gum disease- if possible, quit smoking!

Perform oral exams at home: looking for and informing Dr. Rados of changes in the teeth and gums on a regular basis can mean quicker treatment of developing dental problems.

Dr. Rados seeks to establish a life-long relationship with her dental patients and understands the importance of educating them on good at home oral hygiene to support preventive care and keep them smiling for the long run!