Why Choose A Dawson Dentist Clearwater, FL

The Dawson Academy LogoDr. Natasha Radosavljevic is a Dawson-trained dentist serving patients and families of Clearwater, FL, and many surrounding communities.

Advanced dental training at the Dawson Academy focuses on occlusion or the function of the bite, taking into consideration teeth, gums, and jaw joints. A more comprehensive approach to treating patients, Dawson dentists practice the principles of Complete Dentistry.

Why Choose a Dawson Dentist?

The Complete Dentistry approach offers patients more dynamic, sustainable treatment for their dental health needs. Dr. Rados has the knowledge, skill, and experience to help patients enjoy a smile that is healthy, comfortable, and can support optimal oral health. She understands the interconnected nature of all parts of the occlusal system and has the expertise to diagnose and treat problems related to the function of the bite.

While it is important for the teeth and gums to be healthy and free of disease, it is equally important for the jaw joints to function properly and the teeth to make proper contact when biting. Imbalances in the bite for any reason often lead to discomfort and a breakdown of your dental health over time.

Dr. Rados will screen for signs of a bite problem during your routine dental exam and can work with you to restore optimal dental health if there is an underlying issue. Treating a TMJ-related disorder promptly can often help you to avoid damage to the teeth, gums, or jaw joints that may require more invasive restorative dental care to resolve.

Advanced Solutions for TMJ in Clearwater

Do you suffer from a TMJ disorder? If you experience any of the common symptoms of TMJ seeking treatment is important for your long-term dental health and overall wellness. Dr. Rados is equipped to provide advanced diagnostics and treatment solutions for the symptoms and effects of a bite-related problem. Her Dawson training provides the foundation needed to evaluate all aspects of your oral health and a coordinated treatment plan to will restore balance to the bite.

Complete & Comprehensive: the Dawson advantage

As a patient, there are benefits to being treated by a Dawson-trained dentist. The thorough nature of a Dawson-informed dental exam helps you enjoy your best possible oral health. Dr. Rados takes the time necessary to go beyond the teeth and gums and ensure that your bite feels and functions naturally and comfortably. This is key for a lifetime of healthy smiles.