Sedation Dentistry Clearwater, FL

Does visiting the dentist cause you to feel stressed or anxious? Dental anxiety is a leading cause of poor oral health in adults and many suffer from complex dental problems due to a fear of the dentist. Dr. Rados offers sedation dentistry in Clearwater, FL as a general dentistry treatment to enable anxious patients to receive the dental care they need or desire. We believe that everyone should enjoy a smile that is healthy, comfortable, and beautiful.sedation dentisty in clearwater, florida

Dental Sedation in Clearwater: what are the options?

Dr. Rados offers conscious sedation to make your dental experience relaxing and pain-free. Conscious sedation is offered as an oral sedative or Nitrous Oxide inhalation gas and we will discuss the best solution for your needs prior to your appointment. Factors to consider include:

  • Medical history: Dr. Rados will discuss your medical history to be sure of a safe experience.
  • Need for escort: when using an oral sedative, you will need an escort to and from your appointment. Oral sedatives may need an at-home dose.

Am I a candidate for dental sedation?

Most patients are able to use oral conscious sedation during their dental treatment. Dr. Rados will always discuss your medical history to ensure that it is a safe option.

What is conscious sedation?

Dr. Rados offers conscious sedation that does not put you “to sleep” or require an anesthesiologist. Conscious sedation enables you to feel completely relaxed and stress-free, often with no memory of the procedure. While sedated you are still able to be in control of your bodily functions and even respond to our team.

How does nitrous oxide work?

Nitrous oxide is inhalation sedation that you breathe in through a tiny cannula placed under your nose. It is effective almost immediately and wears off just as quickly once the cannula is removed. Most patients can drive themselves home after their treatment but we will recommend that you bring someone with you.

How long does oral sedation take to wear off?

Oral sedatives need some time to take effect and to wear off. We will often give you an at-home dose, requiring you to be driven both to and from your appointment. Sedatives will take several hours to wear off and we will recommend that you do not drive for 24 hours.