Overcome Your Fear of The Dentist

Many people avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety or fear of the dentist. But avoiding preventative dental care may create the need for more extensive dental procedures. General dentist Dr. Natasha Radosavljevic offers sedation dentistry for patients suffering from severe dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry can help calm your nerves so you can receive the dental care you need to restore your oral health.

Preventative Dentistry

The best way limit your time in the dentist’s chair is through diligent preventative care. That means brushing and flossing at least twice a day, a healthy diet, and biannual oral health check ups. Visiting our Clearwater dentist office twice a year can help you avoid more advanced procedures like root canals or tooth extractions.

During your preventive care visits, Dr. Rado will provide a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, face and neck. We check for signs of decay, cancer, periodontal disease and other oral health concerns. Early diagnosis is key in providing conservative dental care.

At our Clearwater dentist office our dental care team is here to make you feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. Rado always takes the time to discuss any concerns you may have and will listen to your needs and cosmetic goals. We will help explain and answer questions about all of your treatments so that you can fully understand the process and understand how your oral health will benefit from the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry Clearwater, FL

Sedation dentistry can help to ease anxiety for patients who fear the dentist or suffer from a severe gag reflex. During your consultation, Dr. Rado will discuss your sedation options. A safe and effective procedure, nitrous oxide sedation allows patients to remain awake but relaxed during their procedures.

Schedule A Visit

Schedule a visit with Dr. Radosavljevic. Early diagnosis of dental health concerns can allow for conservative dental treatments saving you time and money. Regular visits to our Clearwater dentist office for professional cleanings and oral health exams can help you enjoy a lifetime of oral health.