Back To School Oral Health Exam

Send your child back to school with a beautiful, healthy smile. Schedule your back to school dentist office appointments with Clearwater, FL family dentist Dr. Natasha Radosovljevic. A confident smile can help your child feel more prepared and ready to take on her new school year.

The goal of a good oral health routine is to make it “second nature.” Try to get your children, and yourself, to brush twice a day at the same times. After breakfast and before bed are good times to brush your teeth. You are already in the bathroom for other reasons and can make brushing part of this process. You can play them a two-minute song, or set a timer to make sure they are brushing for long enough. If your children are young, you can brush with them and make it a good time to bond.

Routine oral examinations are important for everyone, and children are susceptible to the same dental concerns that adults face, including tooth decay and gum disease. Early and regular visits can be extremely important for laying the foundation for lifelong dental health. Visiting the dentist regularly provides a professional cleaning and allows our staff to teach your child how to properly brush and floss.

While you’re preparing your child to go back to school, make sure you include dental care and a visit at our Clearwater, FL family dentist office. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Radosovljevic today to maintain a healthy smile all year long!