Negative Impacts of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can occur for various reasons, from impact trauma to poor oral hygiene. Once a tooth falls out, it cannot be placed back into its socket or regrow on its own.

Though some individuals may continue their normal routines with missing teeth, it is best to seek restorative dental solutions to replace these teeth. Dr. Natasha Radosavljevic, a dentist in Clearwater, FL, describes three dental symptoms you may experience after tooth loss than can be amended with treatment such as dental implants.

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Detracted Smile Appearance

A missing tooth leaves a gap in your smile, which can disrupt your ideal look for your teeth. This can affect the confidence you have in your appearance, which can impact your overall outlook in other aspects of your life.

Missing teeth can cause remaining teeth to shift out of place, causing teeth to appear more crooked. Tooth replacement treatment, such as dental implants or dentures, can fill gaps between teeth as well as stop teeth from moving so that you can maintain the aesthetic of your smile.

Reduced Oral Function

Tooth loss can make it more difficult to perform normal oral capabilities, including eating and speaking. Food can also become trapped between teeth, which can increase bacteria in your mouth if left there. This can raise the likelihood of dental concerns like tooth decay and gum disease for your remaining teeth.

Tooth replacement treatment can restore oral functions so that you can eat and speak without issue. Prosthetic teeth can also make it easier to keep your mouth clean and healthy with oral hygiene.

Deteriorated Jawbone

If your tooth falls out, your jawbone health can diminish. The missing tooth root below the gumline means that your jaw now lacks stimulation, which causes the bone to deteriorate.

A dental implant features a titanium post that simulates the tooth root, creating stimulation for the jawbone again. This can stop bone deterioration and encourage regrowth of any bone that may have already been lost.

Weakened jawbone can cause teeth to shift and the facial structure to appear to sag. Dental implants can be an excellent way to preserve the appearance of your face and smile after tooth loss, in this case.

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