Boost Oral Health with Mouthwash

We practice oral hygiene to keep our teeth and gums feeling and looking their best. However, there are more steps we can take to prevent dental issues from developing.

Rinsing with mouthwash can provide structural and cosmetic advantages for our smiles. Dr. Natasha Radosavljevic, a dentist practicing in Clearwater, FL, lists three oral health benefits you can experience when you add mouthwash to your routine.

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Enhance Oral Hygiene

Throughout our days, natural bacteria in our mouths create a film of plaque over our teeth that can eat away at tooth enamel and cause severe dental damage. We remove plaque by practicing oral hygiene, which includes brushing teeth twice daily and flossing once per day.

However, we consume substances between brushing regimens that can contribute to plaque build-up. Rinsing with mouthwash, especially after a meal, can get rid of lingering food particles that could lead to tooth decay or the formation of bad breath. This practice can give your oral hygiene routine a boost.

Fortify Tooth Enamel

Over time, tooth enamel, or the surface of your tooth, can erode, leaving your smile vulnerable to cavities and other dental issues. If the enamel wears down to expose the underlying dentin, you may experience painful tooth sensitivity.

Rinsing with a mouthwash that contains fluoride can keep your tooth enamel strong. Your teeth will be better able to resist decay as well as staining agents that could lead to yellowing or other cosmetic concerns. You can spend less time in your dentist’s office receiving restorative dental work if you take measures to prevent problems from forming in your teeth.

Prevent Periodontal Disease

Gum disease affects nearly half of all American adults at some point during their lifetime. Though it may be common, periodontal disease could have severe, irreversible effects on your oral health, including tooth loss.

An antibacterial mouthwash can help balance bacteria in your mouth, lowering your risk for oral infections like gum disease. Dentists recommend preventative care to keep your gums healthy and prevent periodontal concerns. You should talk to your dentist if you notice bleeding, swelling, or soreness in your gums.

Get Preventative Dental Care in Clearwater, FL

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