Hydration and Oral Health Benefits

Approximately 60% of the human body is made from water, which means that staying hydrated is crucial to your overall wellbeing. Drinking plenty of water is important to maintaining your oral health as well, preserving the look, structure, and capabilities of your teeth and gums.

Dentists and medical professionals agree that you should drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day in order to sustain adequate levels of hydration. Dr. Natasha Radosavljevic, a dentist practicing in Clearwater, FL, lists three oral health benefits you can experience when you stay hydrated.

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How Can Drinking Water Help My Smile?

Enhance Your Oral Hygiene

To prevent plaque and tartar from eroding tooth enamel and causing other severe dental damage, we remove this residue by practicing oral hygiene. Brushing teeth twice each day and flossing daily gets rid of this build-up and keeps your mouth looking and feeling fresh.

However, we consume substances between our oral hygiene regimens that can contribute to plaque formation. Drinking a glass of water after eating is an excellent way to rinse lingering food particles from your smile and boost your oral hygiene. It can also lower your risk of developing unpleasant bad breath.

Protect Your Gum Health

Dehydration can decrease the amount of saliva your mouth produces, which can lead to an uncomfortable sensation called dry mouth. This dry oral environment allows natural bacteria in your mouth to spread across your teeth with greater ease, increasing your risk for oral infections like gum disease.

Periodontal disease will not go away on its own and will require prompt intervention from your dentist. This infection can cause major and irreversible harm to your smile if left untreated, including tooth loss. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water will lower your risk of contracting gum disease.

Provide Optimal Wellness Benefits

Water can offer more wellness benefits for your smile as well as the rest of your body compared to other popular beverages like soft drinks. It contains zero calories and no added sugar.

Sugar is notoriously harmful to your teeth because it reacts to your saliva and becomes acidic. This can erode tooth enamel and give you cavities. Dentists recommend avoiding added sugar wherever possible to preserve the appearance, function, and structure of your smile.

Water may also contain fluoride. This substance strengthens your enamel, allowing your smile to better resist dental damage. You can spend less time receiving restorative dental work if you choose to drink water rather than other beverage options.

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