Thinking About Cosmetic Tooth Recontouring?

Have you noticed that your teeth seem irregular in shape? Does your smile appear uneven? These aesthetic dental concerns can make you feel unsatisfied with your appearance, which may lead to a blow to your overall confidence.

You might wonder if shaving or filing down your teeth could fix these cosmetic issues in your smile. But you should not attempt to do this yourself. You could severely and irreversibly damage your dental health this way.

However, you can talk to your dentist about this procedure known as tooth recontouring or reshaping. Schedule a cosmetic dental consultation to determine if this treatment will suit your unique dental needs. And you can learn more about professional tooth recontouring and how it impacts your oral health by reading this month’s blog.

Thinking About Cosmetic Tooth Recontouring

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Recontouring?

Dental recontouring involves a dentist removing a small amount of enamel, the outer layer of a tooth, in order to make its shape more regular and even. You can see cosmetic enhancement with this procedure to achieve the smile of your dreams. The process will be quick and painless.

This dental treatment can also work to improve your oral health in many cases. Tooth recontouring can reduce overcrowding in the mouth in patients with small jaw sizes or large teeth. Then you can more easily speak and chew, and your mouth can feel more comfortable.

Dentists might also use this procedure to fix bite problems. Irregularly shaped teeth might distribute uneven pressure on the teeth when biting. This may lead to excess wear and tear as well as strain that can affect the jaw. Making the teeth more regular in size and shape can address alignment issues to resolve bite problems.

A dentist may employ dental recontouring to help oral appliances fit properly. They may shave down a tooth to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for dentures, dental crowns, and more.

Is Cosmetic Tooth Recontouring Right for Me?

A dentist will thoroughly evaluate your oral health before pursuing cosmetic tooth recontouring. They will check that this treatment will get you the results you desire without compromising your oral health.

They will consider the structure of your teeth and the amount of enamel you have. The treatment involves removing some enamel, so you will need to have enough healthy structure to withstand this process without consequence.

If you suffer from enamel erosion, you might not qualify for tooth recontouring. Enamel does not regenerate, so your dentist may suggest alternative treatments to accomplish your smile aesthetic goals.

For example, you might benefit from tooth bonding, which involves applying composite resin to the teeth, molded to make the teeth brighter, more even, and straighter. The dentist could also give you custom-made porcelain veneers, cap-like shells that attach to the front of teeth for a whiter, fuller, and more aligned finish to your smile.

Call your dentist to schedule an appointment to find the optimal cosmetic dental treatment for your smile. Do not try to alter your smile on your own because you could seriously harm your teeth.