All About BioClear

Are you looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your smile? Your dentist can offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments that can boost the color, shape, and alignment of your teeth to give you the smile of your dreams. However, many people worry about introducing fixed caps to their teeth.

In this case, your dentist can recommend a reliable smile enhancement solution called BioClear. This composite resin-based treatment serves both cosmetic and restorative dental purposes without permanently altering the structure of your teeth.

You can feel confident going into this dental procedure when you know more about it. Learn more about the process of receiving BioClear on your smile as well as the treatment’s capabilities when you read on.

All About BioClear

What Happens During BioClear Treatment?

BioClear treatment is similar to tooth bonding. Both procedures begin with preparing the surface of the affected teeth by cleaning them using a mild abrasive to improve adhesion. Then the dentist will apply the resin material to the teeth, sculpting it according to the patient’s aesthetic goals.

They finish the process with a polish to ensure a smooth and beautiful final look. You can look forward to a smile that looks both gorgeous and natural thanks to the dentist’s attention to detail and color-matching capabilities with the resin. This way, the dentist can ensure you get the results you desire that look authentic with your unique smile.

Your BioClear treatment can remain on your teeth for ten years or longer with proper care and maintenance. This means following aftercare instructions from your dentist and maintaining good oral hygiene habits. Learn if BioClear is right for your smile by scheduling a cosmetic dental consultation today.

How Does BioClear Compare to Other Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

BioClear is often compared to traditional dental bonding because it features a similar application process. However, BioClear features an additional plastic material mixed with composite resin that results in a stronger and more durable solution. BioClear can last longer than this type of tooth bonding.

It also makes BioClear a better option for more intensive dental restorations. BioClear can close larger gaps between teeth and better reshape an irregular tooth than bonding. Dentists may also use BioClear for restorative dental purposes, such as replacing worn fillings.

BioClear is more affordable than other smile enhancement treatments like porcelain veneers. While veneers may last longer than BioClear, this type of bonding will require less removal of underlying enamel. This way, you can better preserve your natural smile while achieving your aesthetic goals.

BioClear is a great option to make your smile brighter if you suffer from dental discoloration. Not all tooth stains will respond to bleaching agents in whitening treatment. So BioClear can cover stubborn stains to give you a pearly white smile.

Your dentist can evaluate your aesthetic concerns and suggest the right cosmetic treatment for your smile during a consultation appointment. Call your dentist to book your visit and begin your smile enhancement journey.